Ecomotus - future on Demand

OUR story

With nearly 20 years of Engineering experience in the Royal Navy, I sustained a spinal injury during training which resulted in my being forced into early Retirement.

Frustrated and bored with myself  I turned my attentions to the Renewable Energies Sector and Environmental solutions.

Having a young family I was only too aware of the damage polution was causing to our planet – I wanted to do something to make it a better world for my boys.

Before life in the Royal Navy I grew up surrounded by  the  Motor Industry –  I knew that the combustion engine wasn’t as efficient at burning fuel as it should and could be, so I set my mind to finding a solution.

The Light bulb Moment...

I invented a better way…   
We have patented it, tested it and put it through both domestic and commercial trials. 

Our system...

has the ability to improve engine efficiency, on all combustions engines from lawnmowers and motorbikes to trains, planes and automobiles – dramatically reducing NOx emissions – the potential benefits for improving air quality are phenominal !

So Simple ... Why Wouldn't You ?