Emma Jane SE101 – 10% Fuel Saving

The Emma Jane has just returned to Salcombe following a 4 week fishing trip in Scotland. Kevin Favis, Director of  Favis of Salcombe Ltd, said that they  are very happy with the 10% fuel saving  and reduced fuel expenses that they are seeing having had their ECOPRO system fitted – also commented that the ECOPRO […]


Our installers were in Grimsby this week fitting the Ecomotus Pro to the Galwad-Y-Mor. We have just heard back from the owner to say that the engine is running 5-10% cooler allowing them to run the 50 rpm faster – this was not possible prior to installing the Ecomotus Pro as the engine would overheat

Red Diesel for Boats within the UK to end?

In the Spring Budget announcement, Chancellor Rishi Sunak  shared plans to review the current use of red diesel. The government is set to consult with red diesel users to determine whether continued access to the fuel is justifiable. The consultation will be conducted with a view to removing the entitlement to red diesel use, except […]