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Improving the Environment through Hydrogen

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Pure Hydrogen

Move to the next generation in Hydrogen-on-Demand


Pure Hydrogen on Demand

Unique patented design producing pure hydrogen.

Once installed eliminates  Nox, Hydrocarbons & Carbon Emissions associated with air pollution.
• Immediate results – stops tail pipe pollution in congestion hot spots, improves air quality.

    • No need to replace engine or install alternative fuel tanks.

    • Allows drivers and businesses to continue using current vehicles whilst reducing their

    • Guaranteed minimum of 10% saving in fuel consumption.

    •  Full Product Liability Insurance & CE Accreditation.



What’s innovative about it?

    •  Pure hydrogen - produces no oxygen issues for modern engine electronics (unlike HHO/Hydroxy
       gas systems available on the internet).

    • Pure hydrogen generator in a retro fit system – small enough to fit on a motorbike or large enough
       for HGVs. Can be installed on any age vehicle to immediately reduce exhaust emissions and
       improve performance.

    • Low cost / Low maintenance.

    •  Suitable for Petrol/Diesel/LPG & Hybrid - HGV, taxis, domestic cars, buses, plant, generators,
       marine more.


The services we can offer

    • Installation at your location.

    •  Retro fit in around 30 minutes per vehicle.

    •  Training and Support for our products.

The only system available

producing pure



Eliminates common problems with lambda sensors

associated with oxygen generation

Superior Carbon Emission Reduction & Nox gas elimination when
compared to other
Hydrogen Fuel
additive systems on
the market today

We recommend a carbon clean at the same time as installing your hydrogen to jump start the cleaning process, systems installed without a carbon clean will take approx 1000 miles driving to clean out the existing carbon deposits.
Reduces emissions down to virtually zero
Fuel efficiency increases MPG
Improves engine performance and lowers operating temperatures
Simple to install and maintain - Commercial units made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Driving Optimally

Cleaner burning of fuel equates to better fuel econony, however, when adding driver variances into the equation the result can be cleaner emissions but faster driving - Fuel economy will be affected by  even small changes in driving performance.

Improvements in engine response and performance can result in vehicles being driven harder and faster - this will have an adverse affect on fuel economy.

Drivers should always try to accelerate gently and keep their vehicle speed to the recommended optimal cruising level (within legal speed limits) where possible.

  • The reasons for installing a Hydrogen on Demand Cell

    • By installing one of our Pure Hydrogen systems your engine will immediately burn fuel much more efficiently - dramatically reducing the levels of noxious gases being emitted.
    • Reduced Emissions - Better for the Environment
    • Green Driving with no need to change the way you refuel (recharging batteries or finding alternative fuelling stations) - just top up the reservoir with de-ionised water occasionally.
    • Improved Fuel Efficiency
    • Improved Performance
    • Less Wear to engine components and DP Filter
    • Minimal Maintenance - just top up reservoir with de-ionised water
    • Quick to install and easy to remove and transfer to new vehicles
    • Suitable for both Petrol and Diesel Engines
    • Hydrogen is created on demand and as required - with no need to install additional alternative fuel tanks.
    • Emissions will be dramatically reduced for your vehicles annual MOT
    • Uses a small amount of current from the vehicle's battery to create pure hydrogen.
    • The enriched are creates a hotter more efficient burn process that leaves less noxious gases to be emitted from the exhaust pipe.

    Standard combustion within an engine only burns approx. 27% to 29% of the carbon fuel you put in with the rest passing through the exhaust as lost energy and particulates. By adding small amounts of hydrogen to the air in the engine, the carbon fuel burns at a much higher rate giving you more miles per litre and reducing your emissions down to virtually zero. The increase in burn makes for smoother running, increased performance, reduced engine operating temperatures and cuts down on maintenance costs.

  • Simple Idea - well designed

    Commercial systems are manufactured from high grade marine steel and titanium, using the best components available.  
    Considered as an accessory (not a modification) this product should not affect your vehicle's insurance.

    Located within the engine compartment drawing very low amperage from the battery, small amounts of hydrogen are produced 'on demand' and injected into the combustion via the air intake. A bespoke electronic power management system only produces enough gas for the demand, there is no hydrogen stored within the system.
    The technology substantially augments all reductions already provided by catalytic converters and other currently required emission reduction technologies.


  • Use

    A single cell system is suitable for use on the majority of engines up to 2000cc. For larger engines or vehicles with a heavy load a combination of cells can be used in unison. Mini cells suitable for motorbikes also available.

    One system does not fit all - Unlike other generic systems on the market today, we believe in offering our customers a bespoke package – depending on the engine size, we will recommend a system that we feel is suitable for your requirements. Cells can be installed in multiples to produce the required result.

Please contact us for further information and prices.

Sample Result

Following an MOT failure for emissions, a Vauxhall Astra diesel recorded a dirty 3.97, after installing our Hydrogen-on-Demand system it passed with flying colours, recording an amazing 0.06

- over a 300% reduction in Carbon emissions as a result of hydrogen.