Carbon Cleaning for all Petrol and Diesel Engines

12v Lightweight and portable


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No strings attached - unlike other carbon cleaning machines on the market ours are designed to run on 12v, so you won't be tied to operating out of a workshop or need to carry a large generator with you and we don't tie you into a franchise either - so all the money you make is yours.


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Today's modern engines and complex fuel systems mean it is even more important to keep the fuel system and engine running at the optimum level to avoid expensive servicing costs.


The Green Carbon Cleaning Machine helps to clear carbon related issues.

Engines should benefit from increased performance and power, be more responsive, have lower emissions, improved fuel economy and be smoother and quieter with less vibrations.


Why Carbon Clean

Carbon deposits restrict the engine’s ability to breathe properly and result in a gradual reduction in performance and fuel efficiency and an increase in emissions.


Restore Performance & Power

Rejuvenate Fuel Efficiency

Lower Emissions

Reduce Costly Repair Bills


Restores your engine’s Power and Performance

Removing carbon deposits from the engine will allow for smoother running and restored power and performance.


Lower Emissions

A clean engine will reduce harmful emissions and may help to pass emission tests.


Rejuvenate Fuel Efficiency

Carbon build-up gradually reduces the engine’s fuel efficiency.

Removing carbon deposits will restore fuel efficiency.


Reduce Repair Bills

Removing carbon deposits will reduce the wear and damage caused to engine components such as DPF, EGR valves, Calatytic Converter, Injectors and Spark Plugs.

Servicing costs will be reduced.


DPF warning light illuminated

Smokey Exhaust

Failed MOT (Emissions)

Reduced MPG

Reduced Performance

Knocking or Rattling


How it Works

Enriched air is passed through the air intake and out through the exhaust gently removing the carbon deposits.


Quick and safe - Usually takes around 1 hour, no need for dismantling of engine parts and  no harmful chemical products.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, our Green Carbon Cleaning Machines use hydrogen to help remove carbon build-up from your engine restoring performance, and efficiency and reducing emissions.


Prevent & Protect

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All the benefits of a carbon clean every time you drive.


Cuts down the carbon being created by the engine, keeps the engine clean and breathing right which reduces engine wear and improves combustion resulting in reduced harmful emissions.


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